Mountain Man Beard Oil - unscented

Our Natural Beard Oil for men is made with natural fixed oils that nourish and help protect skin.


Benefits of Active Ingredients:

Rosehips: High in essential fatty acids, Vitamins C which promotes collagen that will help keep skin plump therefore reducing signs of wrinkles. Vitamin E which is a serious antioxidant. Vitamin A penetrates skin layers to help moisturize skin deeply. Rosehips oil is also rich in Vitamin B-Carotene. Helps with burns, scars and wrinkles.

Avocado Oil: Rich in Vitamins that help to soothe dry itchy skin and also stimulates age fighting collagen.

Argan Oil: Skin protestant, cell booster. Fights aging, wrinkles, dryness. Helps with razor burns and helps fight hair bumps by not clogging and congesting the skin


Instructions for use: Apply a few drops to hands and work into beard, reaching all the way to the skin. Only a few drops are needed to moisturize the entire beard!

Palm Oil Free

Mountain Man Beard Oil - unscented

  • We make our beard oils in small batches and take great pride in hand crafting all our products

    Sold by voulme not by weight: 2 fluid ounces (60 ml)). Please note that our beard oils are hand poured so actual volume may be slightly over 2 fl. oz. but NEVER under.