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Meet the Soap Maker

Hello, here is my bio for you. Feel free to read it, so that you can get to know all about me. I thought about hiring a copywriter to draft up a fancy old school bio with the pretty cool words, but I think no one can tell my story better than me, so here is my bio, just for you.

I am Carl Jasinto,the soap maker here at Carl's Handmade Soaps. I am also a partner to a wonder man in a committed relationship, and we are owned by four cats.


My journey started way back when I was in my mother's Cub Scout group, she was a Den Mother.  I remember making various crafts.  My entrepreneurial journey began, as I later had a booth at a local flea market and made various small craft items including bath salts.






I recall seeing some handmade soap at another vendor's booth and asking questions, she was quite helpful and suggested I try Melt & Pour soap to see if I like making soap.  At that time, it was difficult to find any information on Melt & Pour Soap and the internet was not as populated as it is today.  So, I put that idea on the back burner.



Fast forward to about 2013 and I was making Melt and Pour soaps after doing tons of research and finding sources for supplies and kits on the internet.  I made some - as well as lotions and body butters from kits, and sold them to co-workers.


Cold Process soap making always intrigued me and I finally took the plunge in 2014 and made my first batch - I WAS HOOKED.


With the backing and support of my partner I sold them at various farm markets and craft fairs all the while increasing my knowledge and experience in the process.


Then came March 2020 - COVID-19.


It wiped out all our shows for the year and possibly 2021. Not wanting to take any chances as my partner and I are in a vulnerable bracket, we decided to forgo live shows for the time being. He does stained glass panels and we share both space. I had to do "something" as during the winter I had made approximately 200 pound of soap in anticipation of having another great year in sales.  I already had a rudimentary site on another platform but I became clear that they were not offering me what I wanted/needed.  So, I switched to and never looked back. The site you see went live in August 2020.

I look forward to adding more products and more content.
Thank you for reading this and perusing my pages.


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